Liquid Resonance: An Immersive Water Experience

Book Couples Session$222 – 90 minutes
Book Solo Session$188 – 90 minutes

Couples Experience

Immerse yourself and your partner in “Liquid Resonance,” a unique and transformative couples’ session designed to deepen your connection through the soothing combination of warm salt water, resonant sound, and vibration. Based on the acclaimed Water Temple Sound Bath Experience, this new offering promises the same profound sensory immersion with deeper intimacy for couples.

You and your partner will take turns floating one another, guided by the gentle tones of Tibetan singing bowls played by your facilitator. The vibrations harmonize and unite, creating a profound sense of connection. Your session culminates in a shared moment as you gaze into each other’s eyes, feeling the resonant vibrations of a bowl struck between you.

You will be guided on how to comfortably float one another with in-water massage techniques, ensuring you feel confident and supported regardless of experience level or physical ability. Following our session together, enjoy the supportive energies created with private one-on-one connection and relaxation time at the Water Temple. This serene setting allows you to swim or sunbathe together on our sun deck, which offers stunning views of Mt. Tam, the Bay, and Marin County.

Solo Experience

No partner? Experience a deep and profound sense of inner connection and self-love through our private solo session. Be supported by the warm salt water and special water therapy pillows as you explore your inner yum.

Book your “Liquid Resonance” session today and experience a profound relaxation through the harmonious blend of water, sound, and touch.